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Coachella 2012


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While there are no more tickets left, Coachella is still something we need to discuss. Hopefully, those of you who are die-hard music fans and hippies at heart have already purchased your ticket. For you, this period of time when the wind blows warm, steady waves of dust through your hair, a simple note of a guitar being played in the far-off distance, and the whimsical musings of a regular bohemian bombshell in her natural habitat, is imperative to your health and general well being.

That said, I’ve compiled a few video’s to steady your withdrawals until the big weekend.

First, I have to say, the 2012 lineup is absolutely extraordinary. I mean, every year it is, but I personally can’t wait to see all these beautiful artists in one, small zone in the entire world. Yes, I am a little obsessed with music. And by obsessed I mean “can’t live without it” and by that I mean “I would literally die without it.”  My veins would shrivel up, my lungs would collapse, my brain would fry and my heart would cry its final cry in a pathetic attempt to save itself from this atrocious travesty.

Some artists I can’t wait the 31 days and 6 hours to see: (but who’s counting?)

Bon Iver


Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

The Shins

The Black Keys



Mazzy Star

Calvin Harris

Florence and the Machine

For those of you who are pining with jealousy and seething in anger—there’s always next year! You snooze you lose!



After moving to SD I realized it’s BETTER in SB… well, monetary-wise. The boyfriend joked the other day how he should be a guest speaker at the next Enterprise Fish Co. meeting and let them know just how LUCKY they have it…. they make more hourly wages then a lot of newly college graduates these days… they shouldn’t complain about side work… they’re only there for 5 hours– try 9… etc…

For me, it’s about looking back at those– overwhelmingly financially lucrative times– and not forget it’s the LOVE that counts. Not the money. Right? Ha.

Here are some fun times we had just from having “love” in our lives.

Sailing around in Cabo.... with Deb. She decided to join.

Little lion man... can only hope he wasn't on sedatives... he was constantly nibbling on me though and quite feisty so actions point to no.

Over-priced tourist spot in Mazatlan where we swam in the 90 degree ocean and spent $20 on a "Mexico" towel and $80 on lunch. Not bad.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I think they must be talking about money.

Cirque de Soleil "All You Need is Love" How ironic!

Not to be trite but who doesn't love a good view? Even if it's Vegas.

Puerto Vallarta... donkey's up mountain, propelling down a cliff, zip lining into water, etc. I feel sorry for the donkey's and the fat tourists who ride them.

The purpose of this trip down memory lane was for me to decide whether or not it was money well spent. I didn’t have a care in the world back then, and now it’s completely opposite.

If I could go back, I’d look in the mirror and give a good lecturing about the value of money and the importance of a savings account. Then I’d kick the shit out of myself. I’M LOADED.


Post Script: I should insert somewhere in here that I don’t in fact REGRET the trips, just stupid sh!t I spent money on while there. Like towels and late night room service and unprescribed Xanax from the local farmacia.

Post Post Script: Never mind. I don’t in fact regret the Xanax.

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