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Coachella 2012


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While there are no more tickets left, Coachella is still something we need to discuss. Hopefully, those of you who are die-hard music fans and hippies at heart have already purchased your ticket. For you, this period of time when the wind blows warm, steady waves of dust through your hair, a simple note of a guitar being played in the far-off distance, and the whimsical musings of a regular bohemian bombshell in her natural habitat, is imperative to your health and general well being.

That said, I’ve compiled a few video’s to steady your withdrawals until the big weekend.

First, I have to say, the 2012 lineup is absolutely extraordinary. I mean, every year it is, but I personally can’t wait to see all these beautiful artists in one, small zone in the entire world. Yes, I am a little obsessed with music. And by obsessed I mean “can’t live without it” and by that I mean “I would literally die without it.”  My veins would shrivel up, my lungs would collapse, my brain would fry and my heart would cry its final cry in a pathetic attempt to save itself from this atrocious travesty.

Some artists I can’t wait the 31 days and 6 hours to see: (but who’s counting?)

Bon Iver


Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

The Shins

The Black Keys



Mazzy Star

Calvin Harris

Florence and the Machine

For those of you who are pining with jealousy and seething in anger—there’s always next year! You snooze you lose!


All my friends are teachers… and I <3 it

It used to be “nurses” instead of “teachers.”

I’m glad it’s changed.

Mr. Bodwell… Mrs. Tremblay…Mr. Green… annnd that’s about it. Those are the names of the teachers I remember from school. And that’s quite pathetic, really. I blame 40% of my memory lapse on just not paying much attention in school, and the other 60% on my TEACHERS NOT MAKING ME WANT to pay attention.

There IS a way to effectively communicate to children without them wanting to rip their eyeballs out. If you figure that out, you’re golden. I’m not going to pretend I know how to do that. After all, I don’t want to be a teacher. BUT, I know there is a way.

I came across this Youtube video on my friend Lauren’s Pinterest page. She’s one of my friends who is selfless and motivated and kind enough to want to become a school teacher. And it makes me so proud to know that there are more people out there who are wanting to make a difference in children’s lives, because as I have said in the past, children are our future. The next generations ruler’s of the world. And if you watch this video, you’ll see that if all teachers were like this, we would be on our way to the most successful country in the world.

“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand.” -Chinese Proverb

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